Got A Lot To Say? Show It. Don’t Tell It.

Large companies turn to TopDog to develop infographics that help them quickly communicate their full product line to potential customers. Sometimes we achieve this by focusing on a particular industry — such as finance or healthcare — and then showing how their products or services come into play within that particular environment.

In the case of Hughes Telematics, we created this illustration to show how their product offering fits into the daily life of a family. In order to best achieve this, it was necessary to create a whole neighborhood showing residential, commercial and light industrial.

This was just one in a series of posters used for an internal awareness campaign to educate their employees on the diversity of their products and services. As a company, they realized that in order for employees to take ownership of their job, they needed to first understand how their role related to the company as a whole. Having a capabilities piece such as this one was a great way to achieve this in a short amount of time.

We modified our usual style a bit here too. As with most of our work the infographic is rendered as an isometric drawing, but we tweaked our usual color palette and outlines to sync up with the bold colors and typography used on the company’s other posters. This is important to point out, because over the last few years we've become known more for our process and visual storytelling skills then for one particular style. And in the end, what's most important is not only that your story be told effectively, but that it's cohesive with your other marketing materials and stays true to your brand.

If you feel your company could benefit from communications that tell your story quickly — to employees or to potential customers — give us a call. We'd love to hear from you.

To see a larger view of this illustration, click here.