Read It: Slide:ology

In the book Slide:ology, Nancy Duarte covers the art and science of creating great presentations. And for those who aren’t familiar with the name and are already starting to cringe because you dislike using slide presentation software, you’ll be pleased to know it’s less about mastering PowerPoint and more about understanding the influential power that great design can have. When done well, your presentations have the ability to tell a visual story that persuades your audience and inspires them to act. 

With my years in the graphic arts business and consulting for large and small companies, I’ve seen it first hand. So many companies fail to see the vital role design plays in their presentations. Good design influences. Good design impresses. Good design commands respect. Too often I walk into companies that need visuals for their slide deck to pitch major clients—sales worth tens of thousands of dollars; IPOs potentially worth millions—but they’ve failed to realize they need to spend money on design as well. The clever ones understand the potential return on investment and decide to expand the project scope to include some thoughtful design.

One of the reasons this book resonates with me so much is that we have very similar philosophies: keep it simple, substitute visuals for text when possible and use these graphics to provide clarity. This will help people “see” what you’re trying to say and help them understand in a more timely manner. 

In her book she states, "Design is not solely about making things aesthetically pleasing … Design, at its core is about solving problems. And whatever that problem is—from squeezing oranges to running faster to communicating effectively—designers strive to help users solve their dilemma in the most convenient, simple and elegant way. Essentially, designers focus on the experience, making it as beautiful and memorable as possible."

Whether you’re putting together a slide deck or a white paper, you’re trying to convince people to buy into your product or service. Doing this with great visuals and a well thought out and considerate design, will help you connect with your audience and inspire them to take action.

If that’s something you feel you’d like to accomplish with your next presentation, give us a call. We’d love to help.