A Testing Profile

This piece came about while we were working with a company that specializes in user experience testing. We needed to fill a very horizontal space on their website, and a regular isometric drawing just wouldn't work. We first thought to create something in line with a skyline silhouette, but, visually, it needed to be more interesting. It also had to represent both urban and residential neighborhoods, which added a bit of complexity given typical city layouts.

With all that in mind, we experimented with a straight-on view, using various building profiles to represent the different demographics. We found slight changes in elevation gave the perception of depth. This was an important issue to solve because — to remain consistent with the site’s design — we weren't using a broad color palette. This also helped separate the buildings, so that a typical one-family house didn't have to be right next to a large office building or an office park. We then filled the dark and shadow areas with a solid black. This gave it some contrast and increased the visual interest within the piece. In the end, we solved a number of unique challenges in project scope and created a style that broadened our creative repertoire.